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Teachers College, Columbia University

I am writing this blog to reflect on and share my learning while undertaking a year-long Masters program in Instructional Technology and Media at Teachers CollegeColumbia University in New York City during the 2013-2014 academic year.  My research interest is the intersection of Leadership, Technology and Curriculum.

The questions I am exploring are:

1. How can teachers effectively merge the pedagogical principles that underpin effective learning design with design principles applicable to digital environments, to create engaging learning experiences for a range of students?

2. Which system-wide and school-level organizational structures support principals to harness the potential of new and emerging digital technology and media to improve student learning outcomes.

3. What re-usable learning designs and associated effective pedagogy can support blended learning settings i.e. bricks and mortar schools blending online learning with face to face learning.

Photo of Butler library Columbia University

Butler Library, Columbia University

These questions are evolving as I learn through  coursework and connect with new research.  I am working on a “wicked question” as the focus of my major project in the latter part of the program during June-August.

I have this wonderful opportunity through the generosity of a Hardie Fellowship.


Janine Bowes

Masters student at Teachers College, Columbia University

(on leave from Department of Education, Tasmania)

2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Fascinated to see your focus on data visualisation – very much looking forward to seeing tools and techniques for classroom use upon your return!

    Best wishes – Andrew

    • Thanks Andrew – I think data visualisation has a lot of potential for bringing together multiple 21st Century skills. It seems to me that it is a good way to engage the left and right sides of the brain, combining the analytical with the creative and utilising mathematical, technological and communications skills.I am also noticing lots of books being published that focus on infographics – from an art and design perspective. Like most topics these days, there is no shortage of information and examples but the important thing for us as educators to tap into is how to get students to reflect and understand what is behind the seemingly simple representations. Teams of students with complementary skills comes to mind here too. Just ruminating….

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